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A new report looking into online music consumption habits shows that since 2009 the number of people who pirate music has dropped by 25 percent in Sweden. The sharp decrease coincides with a massive interest for the music streaming service Spotify. One of the main reasons why people switch to legal services is the wider range of material they can find there.

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In the enigmatic Canon 1 a 2 from J. S. Bach’s “Musical Offering” (1747) (also known as “crab canon” or “canon cancrizans”), the manuscript shows a single score, whose beginning joins with the end. This space is topologically equivalent to a bundle of the line segment over the circle, known as a Möbius strip. The simultaneous performance of the deeply related forward and backward paths gives appearance to two voices, whose symmetry determines a reversible evolution. A musical universe is built and then is “unplayed” back into silence.1

the unembeddable vid on the site gives a great visual & audio representation.

am a huge fan of bach.  he & chopin are my favorites not only to listen to but to play as well.


Absolutely beautiful music discovery engine. Hat tip to Rafi Mama.

Music is really audible time. It can’t be experienced in an instant; it has to be unfolded in time.’’

Marcus Thompson, Boston Chamber Music Society and MIT collaborate on concerts pairing music with time - The Boston Globe

SoundCloud moves music

SoundCloud lets you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.

Take the tour. - “The Music Instinct” Wins International Recognition

"The Music Instinct: Science and Song, is a television documentary that brings together researchers and musicians to investigate the biological, emotional and psychological impact of music. Elena Mannes and Margaret Smilow, director and producer (respectively), of the two-hour documentary—developed with major funding from the National Science Foundation—were awarded the Grand Prix at Pariscience 2009, an international science film festival."


probably one of the most fundamental of human endeavours.  the first voice to cry out into the night was a voice lifted in unknown song.  the first rain, the first water to meet rock, the first leaves to whisper into the wind.

it touches the roots of all our identities, no matter how modern sophiscated or cynical we may be, we cannot escape its touch.

many of the great loves of my life have been musicians, tho’ all of these loves have been artists of some kind, art delves beyond all boundaries, dabbles in light in all its forms, weaves through pitch black night as a form in a place beyond forms.

but the specificity of music, it’s the force that holds all universes together, a set of rhythmic and arrhythmic patterns stitched together by the seemingly weakest of all gravities.

all the equations i scratch across the paper are blends of the simplest melodies intwined among the complex harmonies of the song of songs, the soul of a living universe,

Jane Vain and the Dark Matter - “C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang”

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The new shape of music

Three music professors — Clifton Callender at Florida State University, Ian Quinn at Yale University and Dmitri Tymoczko at Princeton University — have devised a new way of analyzing and categorizing music that takes advantage of the deep, complex mathematics they see enmeshed in its very fabric. Writing in the April 18 issue of Science, the trio has outlined a method called “geometrical music theory” that translates the language of musical theory into that of contemporary geometry.


father’s eyes the first music me and jen turner made together

jen turner…. she’s got chops, grace, style, soul…. i am so unworthy.

i got to meet her after an l.a. show here in n.y.c. …. it was pure grrrl crushlove

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