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(via Boing Boing)

An anonymous sculptor has been leaving gorgeous carved-book sculptures in Scotland’s libraries, along with little notes of encouragement. Some are left out in the open; others are hidden away and may have sat a long time before being discovered.

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Neato! A fountain in Osaka Station City “prints” designs with water.

Hi All,

My friend and co-worker Fritha Strand is collecting donations for art supplies to be used during her first ever European live painting tour.  Info below.  Thanks!~


Live Painting Tour: Fritha Strand Davern Kickstarter from Andrew Jacobs on Vimeo.

Check out this video made by Photographer, Andrew Jacobs! Please donate toward supplies for a live painting tour around Europe.

Basics - The Circular Logic of the Universe -

a nice meditation on kandinsky, circles, spheres, & life

Jasper Johns.  Flag, 1954.


Jasper Johns. Flags, 1968.


eScienceCommons: Ape murder-suicide leads to human drama

A conniving kingmaker and his young protégé conspire to overthrow a popular king. Their plot fails, so they murder him instead. The kingmaker then installs his protégé as ruler. The young king does not properly reward his mentor, however, so the kingmaker selects a new protégé. Together, they torment the young king to the point of madness. He throws himself into the palace moat and drowns.

The brutal power struggle reads like a Shakespearean tragedy, but it actually happened on an island of captive chimpanzees at a Holland zoo during the late 1970s. Emory primatologist Frans de Waal documented the events in his best-selling book “Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes.”

And now, in a strange case of art aping life, the true story has been turned into a fictional play – with human actors taking the names and roles of the chimpanzee characters.

“We are all apes,” is the central message of “Hominid,” (photo at top shows a rehearsal) playing at Emory Nov. 12-22. Theater Emory commissioned Atlanta’s Out of Hand Theater to create the evolution-themed work – a collaboration of playwrights’ imaginations and de Waal’s research. Scenes from a documentary by Bert Haanstra of the chimpanzees are also woven into the stage performance.

Maybe we’ve taken the wrong path in talking about evolution. In science we do a good job of conveying facts, but not a good job of telling the stories – what makes it human.

David Lynn, professor of chemistry and biology at Emory U, during a recent Creativity Conversation with choreographer David Neumann

excerpt from eScienceCommons: A new twist on an ancient story:

Lynn’s research focuses on the origins of life. His desire to find new ways to explain science to the public inspired him to collaborate with Neumann, and the Seattle troupe Lelavision, as they developed dance performances. Their works, including Lelavision’s “Warm Pond” (see photo), recently premiered in Atlanta.

tree.growth, an exhibition of genereative art (via blprnt.blg)

art is communication through different forms of light, we manipulate (as in work with the hands to press words onto light, to make music, to touch tempera, stone, granite, marble, marvelous pen and ink, to take dreams and press them gently into reality, these machines, what will these machines tell us…) what we’ve seen and look for resonance, coherent/incoherent form


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